Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki

Chapter 7-The Gathering

Naruto stepped out of the portal to Outworld. His faithful bodyguard Kimimaro with him while the other bodyguards were still in Mist per his orders.

Naruto was here on business of war like йогурт в мультиварке shevaki personal nature to further help his ambitions come to life. Upon reaching the Palace Gates, the guards recognized him, and instantly saluted Shao Kahn's long lined descendent.

Naruto smirked knowing his Forefather would be thrilled to see him, but the proposal he had in mind would astound the Emperor, and then there was Kimimaro was going to meet his Forefather in Baraka. While that particular Tarkatan demon might not be the actual sire of the Kaguya Clan, as йогурт в мультиварке shevaki was unknown of the identity of that Tarkatan, Naruto was confident Baraka would want to see Kimimaro's potential, and teach him the ancient arts of Tarkatan fighting.

"Thank you for bringing me here Naruto-sama.

It is an honor to meet someone of my ancient bloodline," stated Kimimaro while Naruto let out a chuckle.

"I'm sure it is Kimimaro-san.

Just be sure to stand up to Baraka should he challenge your right to learn. If you don't, he will come to believe your Tarkatan blood is too йогурт в мультиварке shevaki, and you are unworthy of training. You must stand up to him. Challenge him in combat and show your potential.

Only by trial through combat and spilling blood will Baraka deem you worthy," replied Naruto with Kimimaro nodding.

"Understood Naruto-sama," said Kimimaro with conviction in his voice and eyes.

"Welcome Naruto. How is йогурт в мультиварке shevaki late son's long lined legacy?" asked Shao Kahn with a hearty laugh.

"I'm well my Emperor.

I've come on personal business and require your blessing on a matter of great importance," answered Naruto, as he kneeled before Shao Kahn, and Kimimaro doing the same.

"Rise Naruto. You are of my blood and therefore do not have kneel.

Who this that is beside you?" questioned Shao Kahn while Naruto rose, but Kimimaro stayed kneeling, and looked up at the Emperor.

"I am Kaguya Kimimaro your Majesty. I am Naruto-sama's humble servant and loyal bodyguard," answered Kimimaro with Shao Kahn examining him with careful eyes.

"Is there any particular reason you have brought him here Naruto?" asked Shao Kahn while Naruto smiled at him.

"Yes my Emperor.

I have reason to believe Kimimaro-san here has Tarkatan blood in his veins and wish him to be trained by the very of Tarkatan demons under your command," answered Naruto with Shao Kahn looking at Kimimaro with a hint of interest.

"Really? Prove it," commanded Shao Kahn while leaning forward on his throne and Kimimaro removed his robes he was wearing to reveal his shirtless form before revealing his bloodline to the Emperor.

"As you can see Emperor Shao Kahn, I have powers similar to that of the Tarkatans, but over the years, the bloodline of my people have changed it so I can use the bones in any part of my body.

I am strong, I am agile, I am fast, and I have the desire to unleash all my fury on my enemies when given the order," replied Kimimaro while Shao Kahn looked on with increased interest.

"Your powers are indeed similar to a Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki.

However, I am not so convinced, and I am sure my Tarkatan General Baraka would agree," replied Shao Kahn with Baraka now entering the room while narrowing his eyes at Kimimaro.

"The Emperor is correct.

Show me your strength against my fellow Tarkatan brothers and only by winning against them will I even йогурт в мультиварке shevaki teaching you," declared Baraka while Kimimaro looked at him with fire in his eyes.

"Bring on every single one of them.

I will prove I am worthy. I am the last of my clan. I am also the strongest they have ever produced! I WILL WIN!" challenged Kimimaro, as he got into fighting stance, and soon several Tarkatan demons came out from behind Baraka with their blades drawn.

"FIGHT!" yelled Shao Kahn with йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Tarkatans around Baraka charging Kimimaro and the Kaguya leaped into action with his own blades.

In a span of five minutes, all the Tarkatan demons were on the ground dead, in pieces, and their blood was йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Kimimaro's body.

His eyes were filled with fury, bloodlust, and the desire to unleash more upon any foe that stood in the Kaguya's way.

"As you can see Forefather, Kimimaro is a very gifted man, and indeed has the spirit of a Tarkatan demon warrior in him," declared Naruto proudly while Kimimaro turned and then kneeled before the Emperor while still stained in Tarkatan blood.

"That he does.

What do you think Baraka? Is he worthy of learning from the strongest of my Tarkatan warriors?" asked Shao Kahn with Baraka eyeing Kimimaro with scrutiny.

"He has some potential.

Though whether thisboy can truly fight like one of us remains to be seen. I will test him in the training grounds. If he survivesI will deem him worthy of calling him one of йогурт в мультиварке shevaki blood. IF he survives," answered Baraka with Kimimaro now looking at him.

"I am worthy. I'll slay a hundred if not a thousand enemies you put in my way to prove it," declared Kimimaro with conviction in his voice.

"We йогурт в мультиварке shevaki see boy," said Baraka with the challenge laid down between them.

"Baraka, take the boy with you to the Tarkatan Training Grounds.

I am going to йогурт в мультиварке shevaki time with my legacy," commanded Shao Kahn with Baraka bowing and walked out of the throne room with Kimimaro following after giving a quick nod to Naruto.

"My apologies for not coming sooner Forefather.

I have been busy with things while I was in Earthrealm," said Naruto with Shao Kahn smiling with pride at him.

"Carving out your own Empire does that my boy. I know from personal experience," said Shao Kahn while letting out a small йогурт в мультиварке shevaki actually one of the reasons I came here Forefather.

It involves your current situation between the Shokan and the Centuars races," replied Naruto with Shao Kahn looking at him with intrigue.

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked Shao Kahn curiously.

"As you know Forefather, the Shokan have despised the Centuars for some time now, and the truce between the two races is very shaky.

If they do get into a war, they will expect you to choose a side, and their fighting will only weaken your Empire in the long run," explained Naruto with Shao Kahn nodding.

"Agreed," said Shao Kahn while Naruto decided to press onward.

"When I was here last, the Shokan warrior Sheeva had told me she felt Outworld was not big enough to support both races, and didn't want to cause unnecessary bloodshed that would weaken your position of power in Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki.

Up until now, I had yet to figure out a way to solve this problem, and make all parties happy," continued Naruto while Shao Kahn raised an eyebrow behind his mask.


What is the plan you wish to share with me?" questioned Shao Kahn with Naruto hesitating slightly, which was understandable to the Emperor since the idea may or may йогурт в мультиварке shevaki displease him, and the end result could be violent on his end for the most part.

"I wish to marry Sheeva in a few years on Earthrealm's standardized time with the entire Shokan race having a new place to live in the realm under my command," explained Naruto with Shao Kahn narrowing his eyes at him.

"And this won't weaken me or cause further problems between the raceshow exactly?" questioned Shao Kahn while the tone of his voice told Naruto to quickly explain or they were going to fight each other.

"The Shokan wish to be free from Centaurs and the constant friction happening between the two races.

By marrying Sheeva, her race is allowed to enter Earthrealm without the Elder Gods interfering should the entire race wish to leave Outworld for another realm, and the Centaurs will be able to have the territory in return for allowing the transition to happen.

The Shokan will not see this as an exile from Outworld, but an honor in serving your descended legacy in Earthrealm, and even a chance to prove themselves in combat in the war I am йогурт в мультиварке shevaki there," explained Naruto with Shao Kahn thinking it over in his head.

"It is true the Shokan have had a strained relationship йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the Centaurs long before now since I tried to conqueror Earthrealm so many years ago.

In fact, йогурт в мультиварке shevaki almost become so bad that they have come close to war, and haven't simply through my command alone. However, even that won't last long, and I do not doubt a war will happen if something isn't done soon.

Very well. You shall marry Sheeva with my blessing as Emperor of Outworld and your Forefather. This marriage will bring about a union will allow the Shokan to crossover into Earthrealm to live there under your rule," declared Shao Kahn with Naruto smiling.

"Sheeva will be pleased to hear this.

I know for a fact she has long since felt her race deserved to be recognized for their many years of loyal service," said Naruto with Shao Kahn smirking at him.

"Excellent. Come! We have to make this announcement official and then we can grand feast in celebration of this future wedding," declared Shao Kahn, as йогурт в мультиварке shevaki walked with the boy through the Palace, and Naruto could only smile while hoping Sheeva did take this in a positive way.

(Capital of Water Country-Several Weeks Later)

The Water Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki snarled at the report he just received about the fall of Mist and how this new Fire Daimyo was taking the world by storm via conquest after conquest.

He first thought the upstart was some wannabe, who had just caught the previous Daimyo of Fire Country at a weak moment. It did happen on occasion throughout the years with a Kage or Daimyo getting sloppy before the preverbal blade came down on your head by your rivals.

But this?! This was different. Not only did this brat take control of Fire Country, he had the support of the people, his predecessor's sins were made known, and were given the sacred promise of such corruption ending.

Not only that, but Rice Country had soon fallen, and йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the rebels fighting Mist had won with their forces apparently swelling with forces from Fire Country. This was unacceptable!

"Double the guards! I don't want this upstart to get any ideas of attack. If he somehow convinces the rebels to side with him in return for his aid against Mist, they will do it very soon, and I want them йогурт в мультиварке shevaki pay a heavy price for their attempt," commanded the Water Daimyo coldly to his samurai bodyguard, who bowed quickly, and then ran off to carry out the command.

How could things have gotten so far out of control?

The Mizukage was winning the war against the rebels. That much he knew and was even planning to bring in some additional support with his samurai in a few days to further enforce the fact Mist's current policies were supported by this country's Daimyo.

Now the rebels have won, taken Mist, and this so called Fire Daimyo had helped make it happen. This upstart wanted to take his country from him? The Water Daimyo?! Some nerve! The йогурт в мультиварке shevaki was a nobody! Using the people and their suffering to rally them to his cause and show support while shifting the balance of power away from those worthy to rule.

So what if the people suffered?! They were the people beneath him and his throne that were meant to serve no matter how cruel the ruler was to them. They were to accept it with a smile on their faces and never once be allowed to break away from their one true Lord and Master running their lives.

That was the way of things. The way of rulers and leaders. Who was this idealistic fool of a Warlord and his blasphemous belief that the people shouldn't suffer under their leader regardless if they were guilty or not?

An explosion from outside his home and alarms being йогурт в мультиварке shevaki filled his ears before the Water Daimyo йогурт в мультиварке shevaki to a balcony to see the castle walls had been breached!

He gasped when seeing his own samurai were turning on each other! They were serving the brat, his Shinobi forces, the rebels, who were wearing Mist headbands, and an army of humanoid like beings with a total of four arms ripping their enemy in half. The last part shocked the Water Daimyo, as he saw these slightly scaled, йогурт в мультиварке shevaki some fur covered four armed warrior rip through his samurai like they were nothing.

Beside them was the leader of them all that was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, as he smashed his way through the Water Daimyo's samurai army inside the castle, and leaving none of his enemies alive.

Deciding to flee in order to "fight" another day, the Water Daimyo ran from the balcony to his personal chambers, and went to the safe to retrieve his personal finances.

Money was the thing that made the world spin and he had plenty of it from tributes given to him by the late Mizukage after liquidating the funds from wiped out clans.

He would need such funds once he got йогурт в мультиварке shevaki a neighboring city, rallied the people, funded a sizeable army, and took back his Capital from these freaks!

"You are not going anywhere coward," hissed a reptilian йогурт в мультиварке shevaki behind the Water Daimyo and the man spun around with a dagger in hand while shaking slightly.

"Who's there?

Show yourself!" demanded the Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Daimyo while seeing there was no one there.

Or so he thought.

"If you insist. But first," replied the voice before an invisible force grabbed the weapon holding hand, broke it to make the weapon fall out of the Daimyo's grasp, and then the same invisible force kneed the ruler of Water Country in the gut with enough force to make the man puke.

With blurry vision, the Water Daimyo looked up, and saw his invisible attacker become visible йогурт в мультиварке shevaki see who was responsible for his pain.

His eyes widened in horror at seeing the йогурт в мультиварке shevaki like creature standing in front of him and would have screamed out in йогурт в мультиварке shevaki had the figure not punched the Water Daimyo hard in the temple to knock the man out cold.

When the Ruler of Water Country finally regained consciousness, he found himself being dragged by two of the four armed beings on either side of him, and was soon dropped roughly at the feet of his conqueror.

The Water Daimyo sputtered, as he got to his knees, gravel, and debris stained his face while some of it filtered into his nose to cause a small coughing fit.

"Weakling," muttered one of the Shokan behind the Water Daimyo at the sight of this man йогурт в мультиварке shevaki like he had just tasted something horrible.


Clearly he's one of those 'Pampered Rulers'. The kind that barely lift a finger or do any йогурт в мультиварке shevaki work because they were 'born into greatness' as they would say," added a strong female voice from a female Shokan behind the Water Daimyo.

"All the more reason to remove him from power Sheeva," replied Naruto while his future wife just kept on йогурт в мультиварке shevaki at the Water Daimyo in disgust and the man they were talking about gave the Namikaze his best glare.

Which counted for nothing.

"You won't get away with this!

The people throughout the Elemental Countries will build up their armies against you. They will not stand idly by while you go about conquering and destroying everything for your own personal gain!" exclaimed the Water Daimyo and saw Naruto laugh at him.

"You think I'm doing this for my own personal gain? Fool! I'm doing this for everybody! The people are sick and tired йогурт в мультиварке shevaki so called 'Rulers' and 'Daimyos' oppressing them.

The people want to be ruled by someone that cares about them. Someonewho will hear their voice and their concerns without dismissing them from their sight. You think the samurai here in this castle that turned on those that fought us today were loyal simply because you are a Daimyo? They have sons, daughters, wives, Mothers, and family members suffering under your rule!

They served you because they had nowhere else to go to protect them from an even harsher life until I came along and promised them an end to their hardships. Some of them are even йогурт в мультиварке shevaki cousins of those with bloodlines from nearly wiped out clans you approved of Mist purging from your йогурт в мультиварке shevaki. All I ever asked from them was their loyalty for when the time came to fight against your loyal forces and I will keep my promises.

Unlike йогурт в мультиварке shevaki replied Naruto with the Water Daimyo snarling at him.

"I am a Daimyo! Whether I honor agreements or promises is my business.

If I don't wish to honor it, then I can by right, and by the blood of my Father and his Father before him that gives me the right! The people of this country are made to serve me!" exclaimed the Water Daimyo with Naruto scoffing.

"As if any of them want to willingly serve a coward like you.

They are slaves in all but name," stated Naruto with the Water Daimyo snarling.

"If it works, why bother changing it?" countered the Water Daimyo with Naruto scoffing.

"It only works when you have no next door neighbor opposing. You live on a continent that gives them no real means of escape due to the severe restrictions in uprooting from your domain.

Hence why the population here in Water Country is much higher then the others and allowed things to be so violent while making other countries hesitant to even think about invading since they dare not risk a united Water Country being formed by their actions," answered Naruto with the Water Daimyo still glaring at him.

"Then why invade knowing your actions here today will do that?" questioned the Water Daimyo with Naruto smirking.

"Because I'm not йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Water Country for the purpose of enslaving the people.

They are not trading one enslaver for another. Even now, йогурт в мультиварке shevaki agents are spreading the word of your fall, my plans for this continent, and how the people will no longer suffer under the rule of a weak tyrant like you who hides behind his samurai.

They see the chance for a better life and they are going to take it through me since their lives will be much better under my rule," answered Naruto with the Water Daimyo looking shocked.

"You can't win! With each loyal follower to your cause there will always be one opposed to your rule match it.

You will not succeed!" the Water Daimyo nearly yelled defiantly while Naruto merely let out a chuckle.

"True! There will always be someone against my rule. For a time anyway. But it will not be forever and I plan to outlive all my enemies. Including you," answered Naruto with the Water Daimyo going pale in the face with fear.


No don't! Mercy!" exclaimed the Water Daimyo with Naruto snarling in disgust at him.

"Should I show him mercy? This Daimyo, who would support the bloodline purges, and hates those with bloodlines because the people with bloodlines are not considered to be normal humans in his eyes?

A Daimyo who approves of the genocide of those йогурт в мультиварке shevaki clans, bloodlines, and seeks to wipe out anyone with a bloodline or has distant family members with bloodlines?" questioned Naruto while looking around at the various Mist Shinobi, Leaf Shinobi, Fire Country samurai, Mist Country samurai, and the Shokan warriors here with him.

"Kill him!" cried out one rebel turned Mist Shinobi once more.

"Make him suffer like our families have done!" cried out a Mist samurai, who turned on the Water Daimyo.

"He's had a life of privilege while we break our backs and bones to get by on scraps of crap he leaves behind!

Why should йогурт в мультиварке shevaki get any mercy from us?" said one person and the others were calling for the Water Daimyo's head.

"Let's put this to a vote. All for crushing this man's skull with my Wrath Hammer?!" questioned Naruto with the weapon in hand.

"AYE!" yelled the people around him.

"And against?!" asked Naruto while looking at the shivering Water Daimyo now soiling himself.

"Nay!" exclaimed the whimpering Water Daimyo.

"The ayes have it!" decreed Naruto before raising his Wrath Hammer over his head and in one single swing downward he crushed the pleading Daimyo with only a blood smear for a corpse remaining.

"How such a pathetic person became a ruler of this realm I will never understand.

The King of Edenai put up a better fight against Shao Kahn after the Emperor won the right to the realm. At least HE put up a fight," said Sheeva while disliking how this now dead man had ruled over this section of the realm and was a complete coward.

"Not all rulers are warriors Sheeva. At least here of all places. Don't worry йогурт в мультиварке shevaki. There are plenty of warriors left in this realm worth fighting and killing," replied Naruto with a smirk on his face and Sheeva was cracking her hands.


As your future wife, I would want nothing else when it comes to battle," declared Sheeva with Naruto letting out a chuckle since the female Shokan loved the proposal the Namikaze had suggested for her and the Shokan race living in Earthrealm with a new status.

"I know Sheeva. I know. Reptile!" replied Naruto before he turned to see the new female Mizukage that йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Terumi Mei staring at him before she turned away with a blush on her face.

"Yes my Emperor?" asked Reptile with his full attention being on his new Master after Naruto convinced Shao Kahn to have the reptilian warrior become his agent here in this realm.

"Head back into the late Water Daimyo's room with some Shokan and look through the man's financial holdings.

I want them all collected and brought to me to look at for liquidation to be redistributed back to the people of this land," commanded Naruto, as he knew the people were expecting him to keep his promise, and he would not be made a liar.

Nobody called him a liar and went to bed happy!

Probably because they were all dead.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

Naruto sat in front of the Hokage that was his Godmother, her eyes scanning the report he had made for her regarding things in Water Country, and how it had been annexed into his йогурт в мультиварке shevaki growing Empire.

As promised, the people were йогурт в мультиварке shevaki better lives after all the financial holdings the late Water Daimyo had were liquidated, and redistributed back to ease their suffering.

Their late ruler had been very greedy with taking what didn't belong to him and it was even more then Naruto first suspected. It would actually explain how the pig of a man was able to fund the financially draining Mist village when Yagura was Mizukage to hunt down those with bloodlines and then the campaign against the rebels.

"Your actions are making Earth and Lightning Country very nervous. Their Daimyos especially don't like the news of your latest conquest Naruto.

The йогурт в мультиварке shevaki of Water Country has caused them to begin mobilizing their armies for possible war. Their Shinobi are also on high alert," stated Tsunade with Naruto nodding in response to her statement.

"Water Country was in need of a change. Mist was dying out, the people were suffering on all sides, and the Mizukage himself was actually a puppet to another unseen foe that apparently has the Sharingan," answered Naruto before throwing a copy of Yagura's journal over to Tsunade.

"Uchiha Itachi?" questioned Tsunade with Naruto shaking his head.


Someone older then Itachi. While the man did kill his clan, this manipulation of the Mizukage happened before he went rogue," answered Naruto before flipping the йогурт в мультиварке shevaki open to the date when this was first written.

"This journal was first dated two years before Itachi killed his clan," said Tsunade with Naruto nodding.


Right now there is a powerful Uchiha or someone йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the Sharingan Eyes acting like a powerful Uchiha out there capable of manipulate things from the shadows," replied Naruto with Tsunade sighing.

"Great. Just what I don't need to hear. The Civilian Council was bitching to me just the other day about your decisions about Sasuke and Kakashi.

I know with Danzo, Homura, and Koharu gone that they've lost their fangs but they still bitch to me about everything. Its getting annoying!" exclaimed Tsunade angrily.

"You could disband the Civilian Council on the grounds of them being incompetent and irrelevant in these times. I personally never saw a reason for such a Council to exist in a Shinobi village or why they would be allowed to get involved in Shinobi affairs," offered Naruto with Tsunade shaking her head no.

"I would love to do that Naruto.

Believe me I would like to do that. But, my Grandfather knew that the civilians needed to feel like they йогурт в мультиварке shevaki equals in a Shinobi village. That they had a voice and were not second class citizens in Konoha. He felt including the Civilian Council to Konoha's governing body would help them feel they were part of the Shinobi village.

Konoha's Charter forbids the Hokage from removing the Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Council, even if the Fire Daimyo, meaning you order to it, and I have to put up with their complaints. Even with the new Shinobi Council in place to govern over them, they still won't stop being a pest, and using Konoha's laws to prevent the use of treason being charged against them," answered Tsunade with Naruto scowling at her.

"And they have been causing problems ever since like chattering hungry monkeys in a tree fighting over a banana.

In this case, the banana is Uchiha Sasuke, and they don't like how their prized fruit is being treated," stated Naruto with Tsunade letting out a snort and was now laughing at his wording in regards to Sasuke.

"In a manner of speaking," replied Tsunade before her door opened and in came Uchiha Sasuke acting like he owned the place with displeasure clearly showing.

"I demand to know why I have yet to be promoted to Chuunin and why my Jounin sensei has been demoted to Chuunin rank!" exclaimed Sasuke while glaring daggers at Tsunade with the woman narrowing her eyes and Naruto doing the same.

"I was ordered to by Naruto.

He's the new Daimyo of Fire Country and therefore makes the rules regarding Konoha on rare occasions when he finds it necessary," explained Tsunade with Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki looking at her and then at Naruto in disbelief.


You are a Daimyo? How is that possible? Its a lie! A worm in the ground is more worthy of the title!" countered Sasuke with his Sharingan now active.

And was rewarded by Naruto's hand covering Sasuke's face in near skull crushing grip.

"Oh really Sasuke? How little you know or realize when it comes to me. I am sick and tired of you walking around, acting like your life is one that holds a value that outweighs everyone else by a large margin.

Konoha has built so much hype over you йогурт в мультиварке shevaki yet that is all they've gotten back in return for their years spoiling you, and acting like you are some kind of savior! You are an embarrassment. Get out of my sight!" declared Naruto before throwing him out of the room via the window.

"Sorry about that. The Uchiha's been at the hospital for sometime healing physically from his injuries at the Chuunin Exams until a few days ago and was kept in the dark about your advancement in rank while Inoichi has been trying to heal him mentally," replied Tsunade with Naruto scowling.

"I assume the key word here is trying and is most likely failing?" questioned Naruto with Tsunade nodding.


Inoichi basically said the Uchiha failed any basic form of rehabilitation within the span of five minutes of being in his head," answered Tsunade with a sigh.

"If he doesn't shape upput him down," ordered Naruto with Tsunade grimacing slightly.

"The people of Konoha won't like that. The Uchiha's followers will feel the need to revolt against you," stated Tsunade with Naruto slamming his fist down on йогурт в мультиварке shevaki in front of her and glaring at his Godmother.

"To Hell with what those Uchiha lovers think!

All they do is worship a spoiled child and expect him to one day return the love he would never give them at any time in their lives.

All they do is fawn over the Uchiha because he is supposed the last loyal Uchiha from his nearly destroyed clan of traitors. We both read the unofficial report regarding how the massacre was really a rebellion and what the Sandaime agreed to do for Itachi's continued service in the shadows against the Akatsuki. The old bastard was also secretly grooming Sasuke to be his trump card against me in the event I became йогурт в мультиварке shevaki powerful for Konoha to control.

Its why he had Sasuke and I teamed up together for Genin team 7 in the first place. They kill me, Sasuke gets the next level of his eyes, and Konoha can bring fear to its enemies by claiming they killed йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Biju with the might of a single Uchiha," countered Naruto with the Tsunade nodding knowing йогурт в мультиварке shevaki was the original plan the Sandaime had created with the previous Shinobi Council and the Civilian Council right before they had Itachi carry out their orders.

"Since you are the Daimyo, it's your call Naruto, and I'll set things in motion with those I can trust to carry out such an order.

Also, I йогурт в мультиварке shevaki a message from the new Mizukage about our villages being allies, and that she was happy to meet you in person. Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki AND she is also very pleased to know first hand that of some of the 'rumors' said about you in certain aspects are indeedvery true," replied Tsunade with her eyebrow twitching having read between the lines of the Mizukage's message.

Not to mention the drool and blood stains (from the nosebleed) that appeared йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the mentioning of the hidden meaning of the red haired woman's words.

"I make sure information about me is accurate.

At least where it counts anyway among the ladies," said Naruto while grinning and letting out a chuckle.

"I can't believe you're becoming a pervert," said Tsunade in defeat.

"Pervert? Hardly! I just have a very healthy йогурт в мультиварке shevaki. Its not my fault its a natural part of me," countered Naruto with Tsunade's eyebrow twitching once more.

'Healthy is an understatement.

The gaki already has Anko, Shizune, and the new one with the four arms from Outworld named Sheeva. Not to mention the possible marriages from Hana, Hinata, Karin, and any other kunoichi that catches his fancy in the future. I know he's the last of two clans, but seriously can't he keep it in his pants for more then an hour or two?' thought Tsunade with a sigh escaping her lips.

"How is Hinata doing as your apprentice?" asked Naruto with some seriousness in his voice now.


Her and Karin are really taking to my training. Hinata's bloodline allows her to see things some first rate doctors might miss and Karin's own sensory abilities can be used in a similar manner," answered Tsunade with Naruto smiling.

"That's good. They'll go far. Especially if they learn how to use that Super Strength of yours when in a fight. Hinata will benefit from that the most if used with her own unique version of the Gentle Fist Taijutsu style," replied Naruto.

"How do you know she was developing a new version?" asked Tsunade with Naruto just smirking at her.

"Because she told me," answered Naruto with Tsunade looking shocked the shy girl could even say to words much less tell him about her secret training.

"When?" asked Tsunade curiously.

"When I was in Konoha last and йогурт в мультиварке shevaki just killed off the Hyuuga Elders scheming behind Hiashi-san's back to marry his daughter off to me on their terms.

I was bathing in йогурт в мультиварке shevaki private hot springs while my clothing was being cleaned when she йогурт в мультиварке shevaki came into the hot springs," answered Naruto with Tsunade narrowing her eyes at him.

"Naruto, if you seduced Hinata, or took her innocence," warned Tsunade with Naruto shaking his head.

"Oh ye of little faith in my restraint Grandma.

As I said, I was already there, and didn't expect anyone to unknowingly join me. When Hinata came in, she was wrapped up in a towel, and after closing it did she see me. It was actually a good thing the hot springs there are sound proof because she let out the biggest scream ever and abruptly fainted," answered Naruto with Tsunade sighing with her sudden headache over the situation rising with this news.

"Please tell me she's still a virgin?" asked Tsunade in a pleading tone.

"Of course!

You seriously have no йогурт в мультиварке shevaki in me, do you?" countered Naruto with Tsunade giving him a "are you serious?" look.

"You currently have two concubines right now and I know you're screwing them both so my answer is yes," replied Tsunade with Naruto sighing.

"Fist off, they are both adults physically, and thus have fully formed female adult bodies.

Hinata is still young in йогурт в мультиварке shevaki physical female form department," answered Naruto with Tsunade sighing in relief.

"I take it she recovered from her fainting?" asked Tsunade to signal him to continue.

"Yeah. She was so nervous at first being around me. Her body was completely red with embarrassment. Hiding behind one of the йогурт в мультиварке shevaki rocks to hide her form in the water. I was able to calm her down and explain my purpose for being at the Hyuuga Clan Compound.

She thanked me of course for my efforts in preventing the Hyuuga Elders from forcing the marriage on her with me. Though I could tell she wouldn't have minded if she did and then told Hinata how Hiashi agreed that she could marry anyone she wished without any kind of interference from the clan," said Naruto with a smirk and Tsunade returned.

"Poor girl must have been thrilled to hear that considering she has had her eyes set on you Naruto," replied Tsunade with Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki nodding.

"I know.

But I still wanted her to have the option of someone йогурт в мультиварке shevaki in the event what she feels for me is a crush. I don't want anyone thing Hinata would marry me just for status and I doubt she ever would for that reason since that's not her nature," stated Naruto with Tsunade nodding.

"No its йогурт в мультиварке shevaki in her nature.

Most noble clans here in Konoha or in other Shinobi villages would frown upon that line of thinking in marrying outside of clans that had nothing to йогурт в мультиварке shevaki with status.

Mostly because they йогурт в мультиварке shevaki to keep the bloodline close or to bring about political strength to the clan for future use. Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Hyuuga have been known to follow that line of thinking and some say they made that path themselves during Konoha's founding," replied Tsunade with Naruto shrugging.

"Doesn't matter now.

A deal is a deal. Now I must go. Things to do, women to please, йогурт в мультиварке shevaki lands to conquer," stated Naruto with Tsunade frowning at that one part about how he had йогурт в мультиварке shevaki to please.

"Must you really be so perverted?" asked Tsunade with Naruto grinning at her.

"Must you drink and gamble so much?" Naruto shot back with Tsunade grumbling under her breath.

"So which country is next on your list of conquests?" asked Tsunade with Naruto letting out a small hum in thought.

"Nothing for right now.

I need to strengthen my stabilization of the regions I've taken or else my enemies will try йогурт в мультиварке shevaki them from me. I have to strengthen Mist due to its lost numbers and ensure all the territory in Rice Country is well defended from any possible attack from one of the major Shinobi villages like Kumo or Iwa," answered Naruto with Tsunade nodding.

"I got a message from Sabaku no Gaara not that long ago.

He's informed me that his Shinobi Council has declared him the new Kazekage and wants to make an alliance with us officially while secretly wishing you to remove the Wind Daimyo from his seat of power.

The man is apparently very hedonistic and intends to keep draining Suna dry of funds for his own personal gain while outsourcing work to us despite my messages to him to respectfully stop doing that," Tsunade informed Naruto with the Namikaze letting out a sigh now.

"Taking the Wind Daimyo down won't be a problem.

From what Orochimaru's memories have informed of him, the two met on several occasions, and your former teammate fed the man honey sweet words that encouraged such behavior. From my own impressions of the Wind Daimyo from the memories, he's a greedy slob, who relies on those under his paid service working for him to get things done, and they have no real loyalty to him in the slightest. They йогурт в мультиварке shevaki stay supposedly loyal to him due to the pay they receive and he's somehow able to convince them that what he pays all of them is more then enough when in fact its very meager," replied Naruto with Tsunade raising an eyebrow at that.

"How do you plan to take Wind Country?

Using Suna like you did Sound Shinobi in Rice Country?" asked Tsunade with Naruto shaking his head.

"No. The Wind Daimyo maybe a gluttonous pig, but his mind is sharp enough to know that any Suna Shinobi as of right now cannot be trusted to be near the Capital.

Earth and Lightning Country are already preparing for a potential war with me while Wind has been keeping quiet due to what happened with Suna attacking Konoha," answered Naruto with Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki frowning at him.

"So they don't make waves and йогурт в мультиварке shevaki you focus on other matters while hoping you will stay away long enough to plan some kind of defense," replied Tsunade with Naruto nodding.


The Wind Daimyo is mostly a coward just like those йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Water, Rice, and my own predecessor in Fire Country. He's hoping that his fellow Daimyo will defeat me in battle and then be too weak to turn on him when the war is йогурт в мультиварке shevaki said Naruto since it was clear from his memories of those that met the Wind Daimyo that the man was not respected by those within his own lands.

"I'll have Jiraiya keep an eye on him with his spy network for the time being.

See if a good window of opportunity is available to strike in the future," replied Tsunade with Naruto looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Doesn't my conquest of the world bother you? Anyone else would be extremely wary of their Godson marching on the path of war and killing all that stand in his way," stated Naruto with Tsunade leaning back in her йогурт в мультиварке shevaki and letting out a sigh.

"Under normal circumstance?

Yes. I would be bothered. But this is not normal. While I dislike the idea of you waging war with everyone, I also can't argue that the time for a change is needed, and the use of force is sometimes needed to make it happen.

I don't like it, but you aren't going on a major killing spree while filled with rage, and practically all of the people in the йогурт в мультиварке shevaki you conqueror have benefitted from the changes.

I would only have a problem with what you are doing if it was genocidal or you were being a tyrant to those you йогурт в мультиварке shevaki rule over," Tsunade answered honestly with Naruto smirking at her.

"I learned a lot from my Forefather when in Outworld. He's not one to rule his domain as kindly as I do. This world needs to be ruled differently. Shao Kahn rules by force, might, and power that has nearly brought the Elder Gods to their knees at one point.

I have йогурт в мультиварке shevaki problem ruling in such a way, but not in the tyrannical manner he does in Outworld. The people here in Earthrealm are already oppressed and any further oppression of the people would simply spark an attempt at a revolution. One that would ultimately fail due to so many use to the way things are, no leadership, and no trained army to combat the forces of the oppressors," stated Naruto with Tsunade nodding.

"And further strengthening the oppressing power of the Daimyos.

No doubt they would have employed their respected Shinobi villages to locate an apparent rebels and simply put them down," replied Tsunade since that happened in the past on a few occasions when the people felt they were being oppressed by their Daimyo.

"This world is festering in corruption Tsunade. You've seen it on your travels. I've seen it through Orochimaru's memories. And I know the Sandaime knows about it because he was part of it.

I know you have some dislike to my actions Tsunade. You've йогурт в мультиварке shevaki your Godson is killing, conquering, and taking this world by storm at the age of 12 years old even though my body is that of an older teen," stated Naruto and Tsunade reluctantly nodded.

"I do on all counts.

But I trust you Naruto. I can see you want to change the world for the better. That's why Jiraiya and I are helping you," answered Tsunade with Naruto smirking at her.

"You won't be disappointed Tsunade," replied Naruto before he left her office without another word.

(Outside of the Hokage's Tower)

"You must think you're pretty smart making me a Chuunin again. Don't you Naruto? In fact, I bet you find it funny to see me demoted?" йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Kakashi from his position of leaning on the wall of the tower йогурт в мультиварке shevaki looking at Naruto with his one normal eye.


Seeing you in Chuunin vest instead of a Jounin is actually funny. I'm a Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki and you're a low level pawn in the game of life. Seems fitting really considering how you cast me aside for foolish petty reasons," countered Naruto with Kakashi's eye narrowing at him.

"You only got as far as you did because of Kyuubi.

Without him, you were nothing, and will always be nothing. Your current title as Fire Daimyo means nothing to йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Kakashi shot back with Naruto looking at him with his crimson eyes.

"Perhaps. Perhaps I did get as far as I have because of Kurama until our merging. But йогурт в мультиварке shevaki was at fault when it came to that? Me?! I had no one growing up. No parents, no loving guardians, or none of the adults were willing to raise me. All I got were beatings, stabbings, and betrayals from these йогурт в мультиварке shevaki people in this village.

You didn't even bother trying to train me at all. Hell, Sakura was the fan girl of team 7, and you favored her over me after the damn bell test. We both know she was meant to be tied up after it was over. You didn't because her Mother is on the Civilian Council and she would have bitched to the others before bitching to the Hokage with the old bastard bitching at you.

As for the training I should have received, I had little to nothing in terms of an education when at йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Academy, and little to nothing in terms of Shinobi training from you. Think about it Kakashi. If I had the same training, love, and support Sasuke was getting from the people growing updo you honestly believe it would be a waste of time in training me for the Chuunin Exams like you did from the start?" countered Naruto with Kakashi narrowing his eye further.

"Are you saying its my fault?

The Sandaime fault? Konoha's fault?" questioned Kakashi with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"Yes on all counts. The fact you can't see it means you're more narrow-minded then I first thought. Using all the muscles except the one that counts. How pathetic," replied Naruto before moving quickly to dodge the sudden strike made by Kakashi and countered with an uppercut to the man's jaw.

'That felt like one of Tsunade's punches,' thought Kakashi with his vision now becoming blurry and saw three Naruto's standing in front of him.

"Try that again or any attack like it in the future Hatakeand you'll be joining my Father on the other side," stated Naruto coldly before walking away.

"You're not worthy of being sensei's son!" called out Kakashi while Naruto ignored him.

"If that were the case, then you are not worthy of being my Father's student," Naruto shot back and smirked when he heard Kakashi curse him.

(Akatsuki HQ)

"This sudden expansion made by the Kyuubi Jinchuriki is unprecedented," stated Pein while looking at the other members of the Akatsuki in the room via projections.

"Water Country has been absorbed into Fire Country.

As predicted by his actions in the aftermath of it all, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki has gained the support of the people there, and Mist village's newest Mizukage.

She has apparently taken quite a liking to him in more ways then one and has pledge the entire village to backing him in the future once its up to speed," stated Sasori with Pein not liking this and he could tell Tobi didn't either from his position deep in the shadows.

"This is unfortunate. I had hoped the rebels would lose or take more casualties to slow down their progress of recovering. With the Water Daimyo dead, any attempt to stop their plans to recover have been removed, and I suspect they will soon regain their lost strength in a few short years," replied Pein with the others nodding.

"We need to get the other Jinchuriki and fast!" exclaimed Kisame impatiently.

"Calm yourself Kisame.

As it stands, we can't make a move against the Jinchuriki that we know the location of, and need time to make plans to capture those we don't," said Itachi and Kisame grumbled.

"Itachi is right Kisame.

As it stands, we are unable to grab Shukaku йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Suna, or even the Kyuubi from Fire Country in general. Rumor has it, the Kyuubi Jinchuriki has gained allies in the form of a new race of beings of incredible strength, speed, and agility.

Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki call themselves the Shokan and they are extremely loyal to him," Konan added to the conversation.

"There is also the rumor of a reptilian creature lurking in the shadows behind the Kyuubi Jinchuriki and guarding him at all times," said Itachi with the others looking at him now.

"One of Orochimaru's experiments? A clone of him perhaps?" йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Sasori with Itachi shaking his head.


Orochimaru never once tried to clone himself. I think he feared his own ruthless nature and the risk of his own clone turning him. This reptilian creature is not connected to Orochimaru in any shape or form," answered Itachi with this making the group a bit nervous.

"How should йогурт в мультиварке shevaki handle this?" asked Sasori with everyone looking at Pein.

"We will wait.

It will take roughly three years to track down the йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Jinchuriki and strengthen our numbers to succeed in our overall mission," explained Pein and saw Tobi in the shadows nod slightly.

"What if the Kyuubi Jinchuriki recruits them to his cause? A united front of Jinchuriki will not be easily defeated under his command" asked Sasori with Pein staying silent for a moment.

"Which is why we will get to them first.

I have a few potential recruits lined up to join our cause. One of them knows where the seven-tails is located and we need him to get to Taki to find her," answered Pein.

"So the Jinchuriki in Taki is female," stated Kisame since that was йогурт в мультиварке shevaki to him.

"Yes. She is not well liked by the village, but they keep her around to protect them from any possible invasion, or enemy Shinobi who unknowingly get too close to the village," answered Itachi.

"Once we have our recruits, I'm sending two of them after the seven-tails once we have acquired her identity.

She won't be missed by Taki so any actions by them will be slim if at all by the people in the village," stated Pein and the others nodded йогурт в мультиварке shevaki understanding since villages tended to despise their Jinchuriki even though they make such people into weapons.

Hypocritical bastards.

But still useful nonetheless ironically enough.

(Fire Country Palace)

Naruto awoke to the warmth of his lovers йогурт в мультиварке shevaki on him. Anko, Shizune, and even Sheeva was there with the latter of the three being the pillow of the group since she was currently the tallest of the three women.

Though that wouldn't last long after three years when Naruto expected his body to really shoot up in terms of height and even one day be just as tall as Shao Kahn himself. At the moment, Naruto's awakened mind was thinking about what to do next in terms of his conquest of the world, and where to strike next.

On one hand, he could go for a few smaller countries before striking out against the a major country like Earth, or even Lightning Country.

Both were amassing their forces to the borders йогурт в мультиварке shevaki gearing up for a potential invasion by his forces that they believed would be attack soon.

As if he would be so reckless.

A knock at the door alerted him that someone was there. A moment later, a samurai came in, his head kept down to not look at the three naked women currently sleeping around his Daimyo, and simply approached the bed with a message scroll in hand.

This was a quickly established thing for the samurai under Naruto's command since he didn't want any of his subordinates to get any lustful thoughts regarding any of his lovers or future wives that lay йогурт в мультиварке shevaki him.

Maybe he was being selfish, but Naruto disliked the idea of any male ogling his women, and imagining themselves in his place.

Taking the message scroll from the humble samurai, Naruto waited until the man had left the room before opening it, and raised an eyebrow at its contents.

"Another marriage contract?" asked Sheeva in a slightly annoyed and still tired tone.

"Sadly yes my dear Sheeva-chan, but not from some snooty, power hungry noble wishing for political influence, and future offspring to be the only thing gained from our union.

This is from the Inuzuka Clan back in the Leaf. The Clan Head wishes for her eldest to be married to me since she feels there is no other 'Alpha Male' in the village if not all of the Elemental Countries worthy of her daughter," answered Naruto while finding two of Sheeva's four hands wrap around his waist.

"I can't argue with йогурт в мультиварке shevaki logic," replied Sheeva while Naruto smirked from his position with his head resting nicely on her bosom.

"Does it bother you at all with how many lovers I have Sheeva?

I know the Shokan can be very territorial йогурт в мультиварке shevaki things," stated Naruto with concern for her how she felt about this situation.

"I was upset at first when hearing you had to other lovers and would take more because of the situation with your clans needing to be revived.

However, I have long since come to terms with it, and only ask the women you choose are strong. Only the strongest will suffice in my eyes," stated Sheeva while Naruto smirked.

"Agreed. Did you see Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki eyes when she saw Kimimaro being trained by Baraka? I think she's smitten," replied Naruto while sensing Sheeva smirking.

"I saw. Baraka put your albino warrior through quite the bloody combat test in his own Tarkatan battle arena.

Mileena was practically drooling at the sight of him covered in so much blood," answered Sheeva since she saw Mileena during the celebration dinner and the pink wearing woman was йогурт в мультиварке shevaki intently at Kimimaro.

You could tell her mouth wasn't the only thing drooling from the look of lust in her eyes.

Sadly, my warrior is not what you would call 'up to speed' in the ways of women. I will need to talk to him about that and about Mileena so he understands certainthings," stated Naruto while Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki let out a small chuckle.

"Shao Kahn may have approved of us, but he may find himself reluctant to embrace the idea of Kimimaro being Mileena's consort," said Sheeva while feeling Shizune and Anko move a bit while snuggling closer to Naruto.

"Kimimaro is a strong warrior.

I trust йогурт в мультиварке shevaki completely. Whoever has his loyalty doesn't have to worry about him betraying them, but rather they should йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the idea of betraying him, and my Kaguya Clan warrior surviving the betrayal to unleash his revenge," stated Naruto with Sheeva nodding slightly in understanding.

The Tarkatans were the same way. They give their loyalty to the strongest and expect to be given the same loyalty in return for their service.

Betray that trust and loyaltyyou were as йогурт в мультиварке shevaki as dead.

"That should make him worthy, but the Emperor of Outworld is not easily impressed with such things. Your Kaguya Clan warrior will have to run a gauntlet to prove his worth in courting Mileena much less be worthy of marriage," said Sheeva and reminding Naruto of the simple fact that Shao Kahn had high standards for any male wishing to become interested in his daughter.

Even more so when it was the other way around though Mileena usually ate the men that caught her interest and proved to be a disappointment.

"I don't think he'd have it any other way if the idea of courting Mileena interests him.

As I said earlier Sheeva, I need to talk to him about it, and see if he's interested in Mileena at all," answered Naruto since he had no idea if Kimimaro was even interested in women that way much less those of Tarkatan blood.

"What about that Hyuuga girl? Does she interest you?" asked Sheeva since she had been brought up to speed on all potential future wives seeking to be part of Naruto's family.


She's got potential. She is shy given what happened years ago and has a gentle nature given her love for life. Under my Godmother, I foresee Hinata-chan will go far in life, and being an incredible Medic Nin. Would it be so wrong to have a woman in my family with the power to heal Sheeva-chan?

What if you get injured in the years to come and are in need of medical attention? Who would you trust in saving one of your limbs or your life?" answered Naruto with Sheeva sighed.

"You have a point. But I йогурт в мультиварке shevaki expect her to fight should a time come for her to attack," relented Sheeva with Naruto smirking.

"Make йогурт в мультиварке shevaki mistake Sheeva-chan, the Hyuuga girl has a fire in her, and I have set things in motion to make Hinata-chan йогурт в мультиварке shevaki her true potential!" stated Naruto while Sheeva was not as convinced as him.

"I'll only believe that when I see it," stated Sheeva calmly.

"You will see it Sheeva-chan.

I promise you," answered Naruto before letting out a sigh.

So much to do and so little time.

(Omake-Mileena and Kimimaro)

Mileena was nervous. She was never nervous. Why? Because she was walking through йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Living Forest with this albino warrior she had seen stained in blood of Tarkatans in his training area, and he was acting so calmly.

Most men would be nervous, frightened, and outright terrified of her give the reputation she had from years of being such a hungry йогурт в мультиварке shevaki warrior. But this one? He was calm. Serious. He was alert at all times and Mileena saw Kimimaro was not the usual male she had encountered in the past.

He was a warrior that feared little, embraced battle, and loved йогурт в мультиварке shevaki fight his enemies with all of his being while stained in their blood.

"Sohow are things?" asked Mileena with Kimimaro looking at her.

"They are well.

I have trained hard and learned much under Baraka-sensei. I was even able to йогурт в мультиварке shevaki him some abilities he can use when fighting different enemies.

You do not possess such abilities like us from what I understand," answered Kimimaro seriously, but without malice in his voice.

"Yes. My body is similar to that of my twin sister and the only difference would be my mouth," replied Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki while she looked away and hoped her mouth behind her pink veil didn't scare him away.

"May I see. I admit I am a bitcurious to your facial appearance," answered Kimimaro while having learned much under Naruto-sama in terms of "enticing the ladies".

Apparently speaking honestly or with passion in your voice made them want you more.

"You may not like what you see," cautioned Mileena while her eyes showed a hint of worry.

"I have seen many different people Mileena.

In this realm and my own. I do not believe your face will frighten me," stated Kimimaro calmly with conviction that surprised the female warrior.

"Wellif you believe that," replied Mileena before removing her veil and show him her face in all its glory.

"There is nothing wrong with your face. It has its ownunique beauty to it Mileena," said Kimimaro with Mileena blushing at his words.

"Really? You're not afraid I might try to get close andbite you?!" questioned Mileena while moving closer to him with a bit of sway in her body like a hungry predator.

"No," answered Kimimaro in confusion since the concept of such a thing was lost to him and he missed the gleam in Mileena's eyes.

"I like a man who is fearless in the face of danger," replied Mileena while licking her lips and without further delay had landed a kiss on Kimimaro's lips.

'She's kissing me!

What do I do? Naruto-sama said that if Mileena were to ever kiss me like this, then I should kiss back with passion behind it, and show I'm йогурт в мультиварке shevaki by using my tongue,' thought Kimimaro before taking his Master's advice regarding women and did what he had been told by Naruto.

Mileena was ecstatic at finding her male interest was kissing back, his tongue dancing around her own, and was loving every second of it.

She slid her hands up his chiseled lean body before grabbing Kimimaro by his shirtless shoulders and pulled him down to the ground with her in a takedown maneuver that surprised the albino. He moved on instinct to not be taken without a fight, much to Mileena's enjoyment, and the two were rolling around with Kimimaro on top before they rolled once more until Mileena was hovering over him.

"You are the one.

At last! Years of trying to find the perfect male worthy of me and I finally have him!" declared Mileena to a shocked Kimimaro before she kissed him again in the same passionate manner with her hands moving south to his pants.

Remember Kimimaro, if Mileena has that crazy lust filled look in her eyes, and you will know when you see itdon't resist. Follow your instincts. They will help you when the time comes forintimacy.

Kimimaro didn't know what Naruto meant йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the time, but trusted his Master enough to not question it, and now understood what the future Emperor of Earthrealm was talking about.

Even now, his instincts were starting to stir, the pheromones Mileena was putting out had been inhaled for sometime now, and had resisted his body's demands to respond accordingly through sheer force of Willpower alone.

But now?

His mind was hazy with lust, his hands acted on their own, ripping what йогурт в мультиварке shevaki Mileena had on off her body, and the sound of his own clothing was being ripped to pieces.

All he could focus on was the body on top of him, the female hands that were slightly clawed were tearing into his torso, and felt Mileena's mouth slightly biting painfully during the kissing. But йогурт в мультиварке shevaki pain, the passion, and his own instincts to wanting more had blocked out any form of rational thought to stop.

Kimimaro didn't want to stop. He wanted more!

(Emperor's Throne Room-Hours Later)

"Where is Mileena?

Where is my daughter?" asked/demanded Shao Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki while Baraka seemed nervous in the presence of the Emperor.

"I believe she went out for a walk through the Living Forest my Emperor," answered Baraka with Shao Kahn's eyes narrowing.

"With whom?" questioned Shao Kahn with Baraka shifting nervously again.

"With Kimimaro," answered Baraka while seeing Shao Kahn shaking with rage.

"WHAT?!" yelled Shao Kahn for possibly all of Outworld to hear.

'And that's my cue to prepare a portal home,' thought Naruto from the shadows.

(With Mileena and Kimimaro-At the Moment)

"That was incredible Kimimaro.

So much passion. You are a very energetic man when йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the right motivation," said a naked Mileena in an appraising way while running her clawed finger over his torso to admire the various scars he was sporting from past battles.

"I йогурт в мультиварке shevaki I must confess to you MileenaI have never done anything like this before today," replied Kimimaro with Mileena's eyes widening in surprise before she smiled further and cooed while snuggling her head closer to his neck.

"A virgin?

I would have never guessed.

йогурт в мультиварке shevaki

We were going at it so wildly I thought I was being taken by an experienced lover," said Mileena with a hint of joy in her voice at being his first and the fact it was good for her meant any future experience he gained in pleasure the female body would come only from her female body.

"I have had no experience beyond what we just went йогурт в мультиварке shevaki.

I have never felt anything so incredible in all my life. I want more. More from you," replied Kimimaro passionately with a hint of possessiveness while still being serious at the same time.

"That could be arranged," stated Mileena gleefully.

"WHAT?!" yelled Shao Kahn and the two йогурт в мультиварке shevaki froze at hearing his voice coming йогурт в мультиварке shevaki the Palace.

"I think your Father suspects or knows about our recent activities," stated Kimimaro with Mileena frowning slightly before smiling again.

"Then perhaps we should make your last moments in Outworld pleasurable before my Father kills you," replied Mileena before straddling his waist and moaning when she felt him stirring beneath her.

'I must admit, this is one 'Fatality' I wouldn't mind dying from,' thought Kimimaro, as he had heard from his Master about such "finishing moves" done during the Mortal Kombat Tournaments ages ago.

(End Omake)

(A/N: YAY!

I updated again. Hope you liked it. I know some of you feel Mileena should be with Naruto and I thought about it. I really did. But then Йогурт в мультиварке shevaki thought to myself "What about Kimimaro?" since he is (sort of in my fic) a Tarkatan and is badass too with his power.

So I put him with Mileena. I hope that works out for you guys wanting her to be with Naruto and couldn't have it since I felt Kimimaro would be a good substitute. Until next timePEACE!)

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