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Case Management. This voluntary program offers coordination of a variety of community services for individuals suffering from ongoing mental health issues. Staff assess the patient’s needs, coordinate needed services, and serve as an advocate for the patient with those services, monitoring service delivery and determining the effectiveness of services rendered. Case Management also can provide support for the families and friends. Case workers стеам на убунту 16 a program that is fully customized based on the needs of each individual, which helps reduce the need for institutionalization, hospitalization, or incarceration of the individual due to стеам на убунту 16 health issues.

Children’s Community Action (C.A.T.) Team.

The C.A.T. Team is a multi-disciplinary стеам на убунту 16 team that provides comprehensive, стеам на убунту 16 community-based treatment to families with youth and adults (ages ) who are at risk of out-of-home placement due to mental health or co-occurring disorder and related complex issues for which traditional services are not/have not been adequate.

Crisis Services.

When you or a loved one are going through a mental health crisis, help is just one phone call away. Our Crisis Stabilization Unit is a comfortable facility that provides assessment and treatment services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for adults and children.

The CSU is a bed inpatient facility designed to serve those who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis and are in immediate need of crisis intervention and stabilization services – voluntarily or involuntarily – because they are unable to care for themselves a danger to themselves or others due to mental illness.

Drug Court. This intensive substance abuse program for patients with non-violent criminal drug charges involves supervision by DOC Probation, group and individual Substance Abuse therapy, involvement in community peer recovery support groups, weekly drug screens, and court appearances.

Drug Court holds individuals accountable for their behavior in an immediate and practical way and provides the opportunity to learn how to deal with life effectively without escaping into drug or alcohol use.

The intent of this program is to help people move from a life dominated by substance use to стеам на убунту 16 productive as a society member & in their own lives.

Family Safety and Prevention. We offer a variety of support programs designed to educate and guide parents in the skills needed for safe home environments with nurturing interactions.

    • Behavioral Health Liaisons. Behavioral Health Liaisons are located in the DCF offices for DeSoto, Charlotte, and Lee counties.

      These staff works with child protective investigators to determine if mental health concerns affect the safety of the children in the home стеам на убунту 16 well as facilitate referrals for services to meet the needs of families in the child welfare system

    • Family Intervention Specialist (FIS). FIS Specialists work with families in the DCF system to help expedite treatment services for those involved in the child welfare system.
    • Family Intensive Treatment Team (FITT).

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      FITT Team members provide in-home services to parents in Charlotte and Lee Counties with substance abuse problems and child welfare involvement.

    • Healthy Start.

      Every child deserves a healthy start in life. Healthy Starts services are dedicated to providing services to pregnant women and families with children up to 3 years. Services include: early access to prenatal care, the reduction of infant mortality, and ensuring positive maternal and child health outcomes, Care Coordination services are free and assess needs, identify risks, and link families to resources and additional community’s services with ongoing support by telephone or through home visitation to ensure access to care.

      Healthy Start Wrap Around services include psychosocial counseling, short-term parenting, tobacco cessation, breastfeeding support, childbirth education classes, and nutritional counseling.

    • Nurturing Parenting Groups.

      Our goal is to encourage parents and promote positive parent/child interactions. These week evening classes are offered free of charge in a group стеам на убунту 16 for anyone wanting to improve their parenting skills.

Information & Referral Стеам на убунту 16.

As a part of стеам на убунту 16 care, this program provides brief case management services to any patient not enrolled in стеам на убунту 16 case management program. This includes assistance with housing, financial planning, referrals to food banks, and other needs. The group meets Mondays from 9 a.m.

– 11 a.m. in Building B at the Punta Gorda Campus. No appointment is required.

Mental Health Court. This program provides assessment, professional treatment, and treatment compliance monitoring for people who have committed criminal offenses and are diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness.

Participants must meet specific criteria and follow the 12 – 18 month program, which is an alternative to jail confinement.

Outpatient Medication Services. This service provides psychiatric assessment and medication treatment for psychiatric disorders, both for children and adults.

Outpatient Psychotherapy Services. Our outpatient team provides assessments as well as individual, family, and group therapy to individuals of all ages.

Therapists utilize short-term evidence-based practices to manage a variety of problems, including mental illness, co-occurring disorders, and trauma-related problems.

    • BRAG (Building Relationships, Achieving Goals). This group therapy program is for children aged years and their caregivers.

      BRAG is designed to support children and parents in learning coping techniques to manage behaviors and improve family dynamics. (offered at the Punta Gorda location only.)

    • CAST (Coping and Support Training). This group therapy program is designed to help teens cope with struggles such as depression, worry, family relationships, peer and dating relationships, and coping with the effects of bullying by learning life skills, стеам на убунту 16 utilizing peer стеам на убунту 16 group support.

      стеам на убунту 16

      (Offered at the Punta Gorda location only.)

    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. EMDR therapy involves attention to three time periods: the past, present, and future.

      Focus is given to past disturbing memories and related events. Also, it is given to current situations that cause distress, and to developing the skills and attitudes needed for positive future actions.

    • TBOS (Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site). TBOS offers community-based individual and family therapy стеам на убунту 16 at home, school, and/or work for children with severe mental health and/or substance abuse issues who are at risk of more restrictive placement.

Recovery Center.

Our Recovery Center provides a 7-day detox program that medically стеам на убунту 16 for symptoms of substance withdrawal as well as an intensive residential стеам на убунту 16 program.

    • The Detoxification Program is a medically supervised program that serves persons 18 years of age and older; who are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal due to drugs and/or alcohol.

      Detox staff assist each patient in his or her recovery. Many of the recovery-centered services include group therapy, yoga, co-occurring treatment, nursing/medical care, educational and wellness groups.

    • The Residential Rehabilitation Program serves persons 18 years of age and older who seek intensive treatment services to address their current substance dependency.

      The Residential Rehabilitation program provides holistic oriented services that focus on each individual’s recovery needs. Each patient is provided with intensive individual therapy, educational and wellness groups, co-occurring treatment, nursing/medical care, family support services and linkage to other services when discharged.

    • Note: This program receives federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Funds and serves people who inject drugs.

      This program is therefore federally required to give preference in admitting people into treatment as follows:


Pregnant injecting drug users;
2. Pregnant drug users;
3. People who inject drugs;
4. All others.

Self-Help and Recovery Exchange (S.H.A.R.E.) Spot. S.H.A.R.E. Spot is a drop-in center for people with severe, persistent стеам на убунту 16 illness. This peer-run, evidence-based program focuses on socialization, advocacy, and self-help for each member on стеам на убунту 16 personal journey to recovery.

Peer specialists run a variety of activities including self-help groups, education groups, arts and crafts, self-expression activities, and featured guest speakers. Peer specialists also provide emotional support to all members. S.H.A.R.E. Spot empowers members while instilling hope for a brighter стеам на убунту 16 Teleservices allows patients to see a therapist from the стеам на убунту 16 of their own home, while sitting in the car, or on a lunch break. It’s healthcare in the palm of a hand, from anywhere!

All one needs to participate in teleservices is an electronic device with a camera, audio, and internet.

Here are just a few of the many benefits: Allows patients to see a therapist without hassle or a long commute. Provides invaluable conveniences to busy patients, like missed work, less commute, no childcare arrangements.

Delivers more cost-effective healthcare.

Therapeutic Family Care (TFC). This residential program utilizes licensed/certified Adults Family Care homes and provides care for adults and seniors with serious and persistent mental illness who have been determined could benefit from a family care treatment approach.

Case managers work closely with the sponsors/caregivers to assure patients have appropriate referral and effective community networking services. The Family Care homes are licensed by the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration and, after training, are certified by Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

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