Ингредиенты коктейля pink lady

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When you take into account how much you’ll impress your guests with this classic cocktail, the effort of making the Ингредиенты коктейля pink lady Lady seems minimal. There’s some shaking to combine the egg white with the rest of the ingredients, but then strain into ингредиенты коктейля pink lady nearest elegant glass and move on.

In days gone by, with fresh lemons harder to come by, the citrus didn’t play a part – as in the Café Royal Cocktail Book of 1937. But you’ll find adding in the juice balances the Pink Lady perfectly.

ингредиенты коктейля pink lady

Reputedly enjoyed by 1940s Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield, and titled after Ivan Caryll’s 1911 Broadway musical of the same name, the Pink Gin has glamour in spades. But there’s another side to this great cocktail – it gained prominence during Ингредиенты коктейля pink lady because the other ingredients ингредиенты коктейля pink lady the poor flavour of the cheap gin of the time. You can reference the better part of its history by using delicious modern gin botanicals enhanced by the grenadine or pomegranate syrup, and given added texture by egg white.

In the 1920s a version of the Pink Lady emerged with cream, known in New Orleans as the Pink Shimmy. It was this drink, along with many Pink Lady versions without lemon juice that led Esquire magazine to list the Pink Lady among its 10 worst cocktails in 1934.

ингредиенты коктейля pink lady

Make the Pink Lady as we do here, and you’re onto a winner!


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